About Us

Founded in the year 2016, Chemyes Chemicals LLP is a Mumbai-based company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality textile chemicals. In addition to textile chemicals, the company also manufactures construction chemicals.

Our services also include the preparation processes of textiles, comprising of the pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, and the finishing process Chemicals. We place great importance in preparing all textiles chemicals with utmost care so that they are of the absolute best quality.

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Pre-Treatment Process

While being manufactured, textiles have to go through a chemical procedure of pre-treatment. Chemical pre-treatment is a process through which all impurities that are present in the textiles are removed in order to achieve the best quality textile. The main aim of chemical pre-treatment is to obtain maximum whiteness of the fabric and to also reduce the risk of fiber damage.

Dyeing Process

The dyeing process of the textile is mainly responsible for adding color to it by using dye. The dye is usually chemically treated before its application to the textile, so that it can be applied easily. This practice allows the dyes to become more soluble in nature, which helps the textile to absorb it easily. The dyes used could either be natural or synthetic.

Printing Process

After textile is dyed a certain color, printing usually takes place on it. This process involves enhancing the textile by printing different-colored designs on it. Various kinds of dyes are used in order to do this. The type of dye used depends on the type of textile that is being used in the procedure.

Finishing Process

The main goal of the finishing process of textile is to make the textile more usable for the consumer. This process improves the overall durability, look and feel of the textile. First, the textile is washed and then dried. While drying, chemical finishes are applied to it, which leads to the textile becoming more visually appealing, more enduring, as well as more comfortable in terms of feel.


Construction chemicals are those chemicals that are used with construction materials like cement and concrete, when a construction project is taking place. The main function of these chemicals is to act as an agent to hold the construction together. Construction chemicalsare used in various construction projects ranging from residential to industrial to commercial.